Monday, November 21, 2016


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This week I am going to be showing you all about P. E in class this term we have focused a lot on athletics, P.E. There were three rotations that we attended to.
1. Mrs Carr's- Throwing 

2. Mrs Love's- Sprinting 

3. Mr M's- Jumping

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg My personal favorite was Mr M's one because we got to do lots of little activities and it was really fun but we also learnt lots about jumping at the athletics.

PE/Athletics reflection
Choose 5 questions to answer with ADDED DETAIL and GOOD THINKING. Delete the questions you have not answered.

What was your favorite event at athletics day?  My favorite thing to do at athletics day was high jump because I did alright but I enjoyed it lots and it was great to see Rimu hub participating. I also want to be like Eliza McCartney when I am older and the closest thing to pole vault is high jump!!!

Who is an athletics role model for you?  Like I said in my last text my role model is Eliza McCartney because she is really good and she practices lots.

What would you have liked to have spent more time practicing? I would of liked to have a bit Mortimer practicing the high jump because when I got out I was nearly over I just nicked it off. So if I had more practice I think that I might of done a little bit better.
What was your best performance at Athletics day? My best performance a t athletics day was shot put because I can 3rd. I tried really hard and used all my might on my last throw after a few practices at the start
Set yourself a goal for the Inter-schools/next year’s Athletics Day.My Goal for athletics day next year is to practice some more before hand and try really really hard so I can try and making to interschools next time. 

I have made a padlet all about my athletics P.E! Take a look:
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

My writing

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog,
I hope you have had an amazing little break as I know I have not blogged in a while. In the past couple weeks in class I have been working on an essay. I am comparing and contrasting a wolf and a dog. This writing was a huge challenge and I found it difficult writing in it.
The first thing that I did was do lots an lots and lots of research about my animals, there similarities and differences, Then I started writing, the layout is pretty difficult. It goes:
Similarities 1,2 ,3
Domestic Dog  
Here is my story: 

Essay Success Criteria
  • Uses scientific vocabulary
  • Revised and edited
  • Accurate paragraphs with subheadings
  • Essay structure followed
  • No personal pronouns
  • Factual
  • Detailed ideas
  • Sentences- different lengths and beginnings
  • Optional personal goal

Comparing Wolf and Domestic Dog- Essay

A domestic dog is considered by lots of people as a man’s best friend and a loving friendly animal. A wolf is known for being a ruthless and harmful hunter, living in rugged habitats. From some angles, these animals may seem completely diffrent but these two cousins really aren't that dissimilar. In fact they are very alike.

Both of these creatures are part of the Canidae family and are 4 percent cousin. They had the same ancestor over 34,000 years ago. Being canidae they both have similar characteristics.  They are long, sleek animals with especially long legs for chasing and pouncing on prey. Both animals walk on the tips of their toes and are built hunters, all dating back to their original canidae ancestors. This puts them out in the wild at the top of the food chain.

Both Wolves and dogs use vocal communication. This means that one of the animals can receive and understand the other’s message. They also communicate by using different types of body language. They use body language with their prey and other animals. When the Wolf or Dog are angry their heckle rise and  their shoulders tense up. Also their tail prickles and all the hairs stand up. When dogs and wolves are either in  packs or with their owner. They show respect by bowing down to their leader. Vocal communication is a similarity shared by both of these animals.

Wolves and dogs have a very similar physical behaviour. Both creatures are pack animals in some way. While the wolves live in packs the domestic dog normally assimilates their human owner into their compact pack.Both dogs and Wolves show similar displays when greeting, being friendly or when being aggressive. They both have the ability to hunt for prey using their senses. Wolves are on high activity while hunting for prey, a domestic dog can be active or sedate. Like dogs, wolves can dig and be terribly destructive if left to their own devices.


Domestic Dog

When domestic dogs were introduced to the world , they came in, in unordinary way. They were the first ever tamed animal to come into the world. They have accompanied with humans for over 10 000 years. From then to now hundreds of humans have breed lots of domestic dogs, some of the dogs that breed could never survive in the wild. Domestic dogs have passed on from their relatives by burying things, years ago there ancestors would burry many thing and now you still see the domestic dog digging the hole in the backyard for a bone. The transformation between then and now is phenomenal.

The Domestic dog has a very healthy and basic diet. As being a mammal they are very intrigued in eating meat. As well as eating meat there diet is full of  vegetables, grains, plants and bones. Some domestic dogs are very fond of hunting for their own meat or just simply  eating raw meat. Dogs mouth and skulls are a lot smaller than their ancestors so their teeth can not rip through the meat as well as others. The domestic dog has a very weak diet, it has a very small intestine so it when it eats it, it digests its food differently to the wolf. An average domestic dog has special food made for them. This means that when they eat their dog food it has a special ingredients that aid in digestion.


A wolf has a very rugged appearance, compared to a dog it’s fur is not is smooth and well brushed as a domestic dog. The coat of a wolf is a consistent grey, long, water residence with dense.  The wolf has very diffrent eye contact to other animal such as the dog. When you look at the wolf tries to avoid your eye contact. The Wolves paws adapt over the movement of their daily activities. Each paw has four toes and one dew claw. The jaw on the Wolf has twice the crushing power of a domestic dog with an equal size jaw. The overall made up body is a long sleek animal, which has powerful long skinny legs, with a great for pouncing on prey.

The wolf has a very dirty and destructive habit and lifestyle. They hunt and live in packs, and they don’t ever leave each other. Wolves like to hunt in packs so that they can take larger prey down  to share the meal. To communicate while taking down prey and circling it, they like to have a high pitched howl which is much louder and higher than the average domestic dog. Wolves are much better at hunting than other animals because they have a much immense skull and paws. Their lifestyle is a lot diffrent to most carnivore because 80-90% of the carnivore family hunt alone, unlike the wolf who hunts in packs.
As most humans in the northern hemisphere seek shelter in the winter, for wolves it is their most active time of year. Wolves have their pups  just like humans.  They have their breeding season once a year in the winter. They have their puppies either in late april or early may. When wolves have their pups they like to hide away. They normally have them underground or in a den. When they have their litter, they have about 4-6 pups. Pups grow very fast and are there adult size by the end of their first winter.

Wolves and domestic dogs have lots of differences, they have a very diffrent diet and their habitat is not the same style as the other. But as well as these differences they have lots and lots of similarities including being related.

By Liske Halford

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Art Blog

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog,
Today I am going to be showing my art! At the start at of the term we got to pick out of sketching, painting and digital art, In my head at the time I was thinking about choosing either digital art or painting, I finally chose paining. My art teacher was Mrs Love. First we had to draw the giraffe ( that we were painting), Then we had to paint it, it was a long processes painting because we had to do it step by step. I found it really fun and some parts challenging. I did my art yellow and blue. I think that it turned out great.
Here is a picture of my art!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Extension Math

Hi guys,
Welcome back to my blog, 
On Tuesday Miss Hill sent us out a math task. The maths task said;
Try These!!!
Roll a dice 20 times! Work out the fraction, decimal and % of the result.

Use 2 dice and throw them 24 times! Add the result .
Work your result out as fraction, decimal and %.

Bring your result!

Here are the results of the 20 times! Fraction, decimal and half:


¼ 25% 0.25
3/20 15% 0.15
1/20 5% 0.05
2/20 1/10 10% 0.1
¼ 25% 0.25
4/20 20% 0.2
Here are the results of the 24 times! Fraction, decimal and half:


0/24 0% 0.0
0/24 0% 0.0
1/12 8% 0.08
1/24 4% 0.04
1/12 8% 0.08
4/24 16% 0.16
1/12 8% 0.08
7/24 28% 0.28
1/12 8% 0.08
1/12 8% 0.08
1/24 4% 0.04
These are the results, at first when I got gave the work sheet, I looked at it and thought it was pretty tricky but once I started it and got the hang of it I was fine. 

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Holidays

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog.

It's me Liske here and welcome back to the last term of the school  year. Unfortunately this is my last term at Parkvale. So I am going to try and get lots of posts in. This blog post is all about my Holiday. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine! In this holiday I had heaps of fun with some friends and family and worked on the orchard a little bit to, I also had my cousins Birthday.      
Here is a slideshow: 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Kia ora and welcome back to  my blog,
I hope you guys are having a great time and are exited about the holidays that are coming up soon! This post is a free choice post because it is something special that I wanted to share with you guys. 

Last weekend I went up to Taupo and Rotorua to watch the silver ferns play. I am a netball fan and I was really exited to go up and watch them play. This was the first time I had ever gone, I went with my Mum (Kylie), My nanny ( Sandra), My aunty ( Sara) and my cousin (Ratahi). We had heaps of fun!

On Friday I left school early to travel up to Taupo, My grandma is living up there so we stayed Friday night with her. When we got there it was Late so we had dinner, watched the rugby then went to bed.

The next day, before we left to Rotorua, we went shopping. We tried to go in lots of stores but there was something going on in town and there were no parks. We were Lucky enough to get to two shops for me. In the first shop I bought 2 silver tinsel wigs that we wore to the netball. In the second shop we went  to get a giant piece of paper and a black sharpie. After lunch we got in the car and went to Rotorua. When we got there we meet up with the others and went out to a cafe called FAT DOG! I was full from lunch so I only got a cookie and a milkshake. Once we had eaten my and my cousin Ra made our sign 

 Then we got dressed into our cloths. I wore my netball world cup top, Black and white pants, a black singlet, black chuck-taylors and a puffer jacket. We also had the silver wigs! Once we got to the event center ( where it was being held) we got in and we lined up for face paint but it was about tot start the game and there was still heaps of people in line so we went tot our seats! I blew up my thunder sticks and the game began. at 1/4 time, the score was 13-13. While the netball girls were having a break they had a competition to see who was the loudest fan. I yelled and screamed. At the end a guy came up to me with a $200 New World voucher. It was awesome! The next 1/4 was exiting because we got lots of goals the score was 35-20. At half time there was an awesome dance crew who came they were really good. When the game was about to start the camera cam on us waving our sign it was so magical it was the best thing ever.
Here is a video: 

  The rest of the game was great and really interesting! At the end of the game we went and got photos and signatures. My cousin gave me the sign to get signed because she only wanted photos.
Here are my photos:

< After that we went and watched the ALL BLACKS and hung out with our cousins. The silver Ferns game was the best part of my weekend! I loved it

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Monday, September 19, 2016

PBL Blog

Hi Guys and welcome back to my blog.
It's Liske here, I hope you enjoyed my last post! Over the last term we have been doing something called PBL that stands for Project Based Learning. What we are doing in rimu hub is a project about a Olympic sport. Since the Olympics were going on ( who did really well and I am very proud of our athletes) we had to pick a sport and a project. I picked BMX because it something that I have never done before and for my project I made a model of the BMX track.
Here are some photos of the BMX Track:            
I also did a reflection all about my experience and what I learnt.
Here is the reflection:
Project Topic: Bmx Model

Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)

Finish these starters:
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was after creating because when I got to show everybody I was really proud and when I got to show Mr G I was even Prouder.

  • The most challenging thing about my project was having a rough time with it getting a bit broken because it was really hard to fix it when one of the sides had been ripped.

  • The main skill I got better at was learning how to highlight the key words. I got better at it by doing lots of highlighting through docs about BMX.

  • Something interesting I learnt was that BMX which had started many years ago had only been at the olympics since 2008 in beijing.              

  • What I would most like to change about my project is to change the colour the bumps because then it would be more like the rio track.

  • I would like to do my next PBL about is baking because I love baking and I think that I could still learn some new tips.

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.

Perseverance- when my track had been broken I used my perseverance to get through and fix it.

Absorption- I was really absorbed into creating the track as it was fun and I learnt lots.
Noticing- I used my Noticing muscle at the start when I had a look at a few Images before and going to notice what they have done and see if mine could be similar to theirs.
Create a Description of Your Project
This needs to have either video or audio. You can use any app you like. Include a link here. You will embed it as part of your Reflection PBL Blog Post.
Hi I’m Liske, and today I am going to be sharing a little description about my project . In rimu hub we call it PBL which stands for Project Based Learning. Our PBL had to be something about the Olympics. I chose BMX because it is something that I do not know much about and it is something that I wanted to learn about. I think that my project turned out amazing and there wasn't much more that I could do to make it better. I am really proud of my project because it started of just a piece of cardboard and turned out to be awesome. It was hard to find the right supplies to make the model because some of them were hard to get. I am lucky to have a orchard because my limestone that I used came from there. I also didn’t just make a model I did a lot of research about BMX and how it started. I gathered lots of info during this term about BMX. I hope you like my project because I am really proud of it. Thank-you for listening. Liske

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