Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Kia ora and welcome back to  my blog,
I hope you guys are having a great time and are exited about the holidays that are coming up soon! This post is a free choice post because it is something special that I wanted to share with you guys. 

Last weekend I went up to Taupo and Rotorua to watch the silver ferns play. I am a netball fan and I was really exited to go up and watch them play. This was the first time I had ever gone, I went with my Mum (Kylie), My nanny ( Sandra), My aunty ( Sara) and my cousin (Ratahi). We had heaps of fun!

On Friday I left school early to travel up to Taupo, My grandma is living up there so we stayed Friday night with her. When we got there it was Late so we had dinner, watched the rugby then went to bed.

The next day, before we left to Rotorua, we went shopping. We tried to go in lots of stores but there was something going on in town and there were no parks. We were Lucky enough to get to two shops for me. In the first shop I bought 2 silver tinsel wigs that we wore to the netball. In the second shop we went  to get a giant piece of paper and a black sharpie. After lunch we got in the car and went to Rotorua. When we got there we meet up with the others and went out to a cafe called FAT DOG! I was full from lunch so I only got a cookie and a milkshake. Once we had eaten my and my cousin Ra made our sign 

 Then we got dressed into our cloths. I wore my netball world cup top, Black and white pants, a black singlet, black chuck-taylors and a puffer jacket. We also had the silver wigs! Once we got to the event center ( where it was being held) we got in and we lined up for face paint but it was about tot start the game and there was still heaps of people in line so we went tot our seats! I blew up my thunder sticks and the game began. at 1/4 time, the score was 13-13. While the netball girls were having a break they had a competition to see who was the loudest fan. I yelled and screamed. At the end a guy came up to me with a $200 New World voucher. It was awesome! The next 1/4 was exiting because we got lots of goals the score was 35-20. At half time there was an awesome dance crew who came they were really good. When the game was about to start the camera cam on us waving our sign it was so magical it was the best thing ever.
Here is a video: 

  The rest of the game was great and really interesting! At the end of the game we went and got photos and signatures. My cousin gave me the sign to get signed because she only wanted photos.
Here are my photos:

< After that we went and watched the ALL BLACKS and hung out with our cousins. The silver Ferns game was the best part of my weekend! I loved it

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  1. Great post Liske! You are so lucky to go to the silver ferns game.
    It looked like you had a amazing time.

  2. Awesome post Liske! It would have been really awesome to go to that game. This is so cool that you were on t.v! It's looks like fun!

  3. Nice Post liske,
    I wish i can go to one of the sliver furns games even if i like rugby
    keep up the good work. I want to see more of your post later in the year

  4. wow I would love to meet some silver verns
    what a great post too. well done kai pai

  5. wow! you must have been the lowest one there were you and I will also would love to meet some of silver ferns to like you