Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Art Blog

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog,
Today I am going to be showing my art! At the start at of the term we got to pick out of sketching, painting and digital art, In my head at the time I was thinking about choosing either digital art or painting, I finally chose paining. My art teacher was Mrs Love. First we had to draw the giraffe ( that we were painting), Then we had to paint it, it was a long processes painting because we had to do it step by step. I found it really fun and some parts challenging. I did my art yellow and blue. I think that it turned out great.
Here is a picture of my art!

Thanks for having a look at my blog I hoped you enjoyed it! Please leave a comment!
Your blogger Liske


  1. Liske,
    Your giraffe is beautiful! The pink background certainly makes the giraffe "pop". I wish I had such talent. It sounds like you had to do a lot of planning to create this work. Well done!
    Mrs. Swenson, MN, USA

  2. Wow! lots and Lots of Learn,Creat, Share in that blog post
    nice art tooo it has lot's of couler's in it well done.